“Today, Mayor Levine-Cava chose to kill hope for thousands of South Dade residents. It is very
unfortunate that the Mayor chose to veto the thousands of new jobs, environmental
remediation that will help clean up Biscayne Bay and the guaranteed preservation of 622 acres
of environmentally sensitive lands that the South Dade Logistics and Technology District
represents. We look forward to the veto override vote and are confident our application
continues to have the necessary support from forward-thinking county commissioners.”

South Dade Logistics and Technology District, November 10, 2022
The South Dade Logistics & Technology District will create growth in South Dade’s economy for decades to come. The District will create a thriving employment center in the heart of the rapidly growing South Dade region, which is home to nearly half of Miami-Dade County’s population.
With the increasing demand for distribution space and the tech sector seeking to turn South Florida into a hub, the creation of a technology and logistics district will enable South Dade to attract good-paying jobs that are needed in this changing economy.

What does The District mean for South Dade?

7,000+ high-paying jobs

Millions of dollars in economic growth

Cleaner water

Less time spent in traffic

Jobs Closer to Home

Better quality of life